Why SwastikPos Software?

Inventory and Stock Management

SWASTIK – POS provides you a robust inventory system which you will be needing for tracking stock and checking for loss. It also has the feature of stock transfer which will be easierfortransferring items from one location to another.

Financial Accounting

It is integrated with Nepal’s No 1 Accounting and Inventory management Software. It will take care of all your need of daily Cash / Bank, Journal, Expenses, Other Income, Purchase and other Transaction.


It can be integrated with barcode which allows the inventory system to know exactly where the items are in your system. You need to use barcode to scan the items i.e.,when an item enters your stock, when you sell it or when you transfer it to another store.

Membership Management

It holds multiple features of membership. The regular guests can get membership with the Swastik POS. It also has the feature of adding the discount points to the members who visits the store on daily basis.

Customized and Advanced Reporting

It provides you all full set of reports to help you track the performance of your business. You are able to get the product stock reports, customer reports, financial reports. You can make your own customize report as per your requirements.

User accounts and permissions

It provides you the feature with creating a user for each of the employees so that you can track the sales that every person makes. This feature will ultimately allow you to set sales goals. It also comes with password protection feature for each of the employees.

Solution for Different Industry












Departmental Stores

Key Features

Easy billing/ POS

  • Multiple Counter Billing Option
  • Hassle Free Tax Calculation
  • Barcode and Scanner
  • Membership Management
  • Most Advance accounting and inventory system

End user customizable Reports

  • Single click availability of all vital reports
  • Filter wise report (item, rate, group, invoice no., date, discount, settlement type/bill type)
  • Night Audit (Day Closing)
  • Detailed sales report

Robust Inventory Management System

  • Records of PO (purchase order) and PR (purchase return)
  • Item wise stock management system
  • Store management system consisting of store transfer, inventory issue

Air Tight Security

  • Admin/ User’s Login System
  • User access management and permission control

Financial Accounting

  • Nepal’s No. 1 Accounting and Inventory Management software
  • Availability of all cash/ bank book, day book, final reports, accounts payable in your fingertips
  • Management of daily cash/bank, journal, expenses, other income, purchase and other transactions

Vat Reports- Taking care of your Statutory Needs

  • Sales Register / Purchase Register
  • Debit Note/Credit note (Sales Return)

Account Receivables and Payable

  • Sales Register- Challan/Invoice/Return &Ageing Report
  • Sales Analysis
  • Outstanding Report

Billing and order Processing

  • scan items, capture payment mode
  • add discount, generate order invoice and re print

Inventory Reports

  • Data Export/Import from another Company
  • Auditor Lock and Unlock System
  • Entry Log Register- User wise / Voucher Date wise / Action Date Wise

clients review

We’ve been using Swastik Business Accounting since 8 years and have never been disappointed. Great software and great support...

Reggie High


We’ve been using Swastik Business Accounting since 8 years and have never been disappointed. Great software and great support...

Mathew Conner

Sales Head

We’ve been using Swastik Business Accounting since 8 years and have never been disappointed. Great software and great support...

Karen Writer


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