Why Avocare HiTech Hospital Management Solutions?

Improved Efficiency

Make your Hospital operations even better and enhanced with our Avocare Hospital management software.

Enhanced Patient Care with minimum waiting time

Our software will fully enhance the patient care system of your Hospital with minimum waiting time

Easily Accessible from anywhere, at any time, from any device

Our software is fully responsive to all types ofdevices like computer, tablet and mobile phones. It can be accessed in Cloud from anywhere and anytime.

Mobile app for doctors, patients & Management team

Most user-friendly and advanced mobile apps will easily connect doctors, patients and management team.

Web based Application

As the software is web-based, you can easily access it online. Being web-based helps you to manage your hospital operations anywhere and anytime.

Interfacing facility with third party device & application

You can easily integrate the software with any other third party applications or device. Our support team will guide you on the process.

Streamline your job Paperless Work

Keeping all the documents of patients and administration can be hectic to manage. Avocare can make your whole Hospital documents online and easy to access.

Connect all stake Holders with one application

Easily connect all of your stake holders with one application. It makes your job easier to share any information with the stakes holders of your Hospital.

CMIS, Alerts and Executive Information System

Crisis Reporting Management Information System, alerts and executive information system available in our application.

Dedicated Support, Training & Implementation Team

Our professional support teamwill help you implement the application on your end and software training and support will be provided.

Highly Secure and Reliable

Avocare hospital management software is highly secure in terms of data and you can strongly rely on it.

Customization on demand available

If any further software customization is needed, we can implement it upon your request.

Key Features

Multi user access

Easily create and aasign multiple users based on their roles.

Multi Medical Center

Muiltiple branch management with centralized database.

Easily upgradable

You can easily upgrade your account anytime, just let us know.

Less maintenance

The software runs smooth and very less maintenance is needed.

SMS and Email Facility

You can send SMS and Email from the software to your customers or staffs.

Online registration and Appointment

Online appointment system will save a lot of your time and queue.

Direct connection with DHA and HAAD

Connect directly with the Department of Health and Authorities from the Software.

Call Center Integration

Manage all of your Incoming and Outgoing Calls properly.

Web Reporting System

Analyse the data with customized web reporting system.

Our Reviews

The quality and services of Hitech is just awesome I am one of the satisfied clients of them. Their services after sales are just incredible.

Vikash Singh


We’ve been using Hitech Avocare Software since 8 years and have never been disappointed. Great software and great support...

Anil Lamichhane


Hitech Avocare Software made our whole hospital operations more easier and better than before. Excellent support team...

Ganesh Khadka


How our app works

The screenshots below will give you an extensive peek into the working of the system and show you how easy and userfriendly it is to work in our software

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